Weaving Of Two Fabrics Together.

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Weaving of two fabrics together

When it comes to warmth and cold weather, the first thing which penetrates in our mind is a blanket or a quilt. Most of the people don’t know the difference between the two, but actually there is a hell of a difference. Actually, better weaved quilt is something more desirable in cold areas, as compared to a blanket. A wide range of varieties are available in the market, the quality of a quilt is firstly dependent on weaving and secondly on the quilting fabric. Yes, it’s true that if weaved correctly a bad material too, can provide better results (although, the durability would not last longer). Certainly, everyone would want to get something which could last longer and stay durable for seasons right? Yet there is another case of luxury over comfort most of the quilting fabric in australia are better looking but massively uncomfortable.

Things to check while selecting a quilting fabric:

It is quite common and obvious that a quilting fabric should be warm and soft, but the quality and heaviness of a fabric especially quilting fabric matters a lot. There is some thin stuff available in the market which can be used for the aforementioned reason, yet people think that there is no chance for anyone to compromise on the thickness of a quilting material. There is a class who think that when two pieces of fabrics are being weaved together than there is no point of selecting a quilting fabric which is already thick. But the point is when we stuff a quilt with a thin layer of cotton it is mandatory to sandwich that thin layer of cotton, between two heavy pieces of quilting fabric; or else the warmth criteria would not be fulfilled. Resulting in poor experience during cold season. Most of the eastern countries are good exporters for quilts because they have mastered in designing and weaving quilting fabrics; moreover, they have enough natural resources to cater the same.

All in all, there are so many things which are there and one has to understand regarding quilting fabric. Certainly some aspects are more powerful than other ones but quilting fabric is the one where nobody can compromise on. Major difference between quilting fabric and normal fabric is that quilting fabric is stiffer than any other fabric, reason being it has to be filled with the cotton thin layer of cotton. Colder areas are more inclined towards selling and buying of quilting fabric as they are more concerned regarding weather conditions and chilling environment. So it is recommended to buy a quilting fabric before next winters otherwise, winters will thrash things badly.