Protective Wear

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The best way to protect yourself is though protective equipment. You can save yourself from the huge disasters. There is a lot of equipment you can use to protect yourself. Let’s start from working pants, the pants that are made specially for the working environment with rugged material and fabric to ensure a longer lifespan and increased strength. We have got a variety of pants from FXD, the pioneer in the work wear providing you’re the best quality pants without any compromise. The pants are available in almost all the sizes and some of the pants are in free size so it will be suitable to all waist sizes. Most of the pants that we have are ranged up to 40cm of waist so don’t get worried there is size for everyone.

The work pants are made with 100 percent cotton and the stitching is triple needle which gives extra strength and protects the pants from tearing apart. The other best thing about the work pants is that there is a huge range of pockets and the pockets are made with double layers which means, the pocket will be able to bear heavy tools and depending on the application you can choose from different work pants including jeans, shorts, cuffed pants and full work pants. We also have a huge variety of work boots near me which have numerous applications in different environments. We have safety boots from the renowned brands including Puma, Steel blue and other brands. The safety boots that we have offer following advantages including anti-shock which means if there is a shock in the surface or you are working in high-voltage environment then the shoes will resist the shock and will not penetrate the charge to your feet and body.

The other plus point of shoes is that it is water-resistant, it means if you are working in an environment where it is too wet or you are working in a climate which favours water then you should get the personal protective equipment Sydney. The shoes will prevent water from getting inside. Most of the shoes from Steel Blue are made from Nubuck leather and nylon thread stitching which keeps your feet dry and don’t let electric shock enter into the shoe. If you are working in severe environment conditions where temperature is too high like a kiln or furnace then we have shoes that have a capability to protect your feet from outside temperature up to 300 degrees. We also have high visibility vests in which you can put custom embroidery into it to tell about some safety. All of the equipment that we deal is of high quality and durable. If you want to know more then feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.